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Welcome to Mideast Multisport! We are certified professionals passionate about the challenges that endurance sports place on us. We enjoy competing as athletes, but we also love to help others experience the excitement of the endurance sport lifestyle and the finish line!

We have a mixed bag of experience in sport and endurance sports which allows us to have all of the basis covered. We are here to help you improve your weaknesses, master your strengths and be successful! We have been coaching triathletes and endurance athletes for over 8 years and have experience coaching athletes at all ability levels and racing distances.

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by: Beth Atnip | Aug 08, 2015
Total workout today will be 4000 yards. Again, you can cut back the distance if needed

300 swim
200 kick
300 pull
by: Beth Atnip | Aug 01, 2015
Mideast Multisport will now post some of our favorite swim workouts on Saturdays. When we write these workouts we will note the the pace as "base," "base…

by: Beth Atnip | Apr 06, 2011
Coach Eric and I (and a few other Mideast Multisport athletes) participated in the Run the Bluegrass Half Marathon this past weekend. We headed out to…

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